Building Careers from the Ground Up

Transforming unemployment into opportunity through quality job training, industry mentorship, and community support to build meaningful construction career opportunities for discouraged workers in the Washington D.C. area.

The Fresh Start Difference

Fresh Start Project uses a holistic approach—looking at each participant's big picture to help them see the path to their goals. We are not just another job training program, temp agency, or pipeline pushing individuals through for the sake of a statistic. 

We are in partnership with our clients, helping them think differently about their careers, drafting a personal roadmap for success, and coaching the individual to problem solve inside their careers as well as outside of the office.

This personalized attention allows the individual to fully focus on their goals and work from the inside out. 

  • Quality Training

    Participants earn industry-recognized certifications that enhance knowledge, bring new skills, and lead to meaningful employment

  • Industry Mentors

    Participants are connected with industry professionals who nurture their professional and personal development

  • Community Partners

    Network with organizations committed to offering support and other services in our life-integrated careers development program

  • Long-Term Support

    Wraparound support and ongoing coaching and consulting help participants and their employers ensure retention, job satisfaction, and advancement.

Training Class Starting Feb 1st!

Feeling frustrated with your employment prospects?

Apply to be considered for our 8-week Building Trades and Construction Job Training Program that offers industry certifications, life skills, and career-enhancing resources that allow the participant to develop their skills, retain, and sustain employment.

You Can Help

We need community mentors, volunteers, and donations

Fresh Start Project is a young nonprofit, but what we may lack in history we make up for in passion, innovation, and experience. 

There is a gap in services for those who are facing unemployment in Washington D.C.  Another temp job doesn't bridge that gap. What can bridge the gap is a comprehensive, holistic approach, that helps each person to build a meaningful career with the skills they need to obtain, retain, and sustain their employment. 

Join us in building meaningful careers in our community!